Zone Control Systems

Take Full Control of Your Comfort

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Do some areas of your home feel hotter or colder than others? Does adjusting your thermostat seem to do nothing at all? Ultimate Heating & Air can help you find a comfortable balance in your home. We install zone control HVAC systems in Kuna, Eagle, ID and surrounding areas.

This modern HVAC system works in unison with your thermostat to warm or cool your rooms only when necessary. In return, you can save energy, reduce long-term maintenance costs and promote a cozy living space.

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Zone Control Systems


Ultimate Heating & Air urges homeowners to install zone control HVAC systems if their homes have:

  • More than one story
  • Large glass windows
  • Wide open areas
  • Finished attics and basements
  • A concrete slab for a foundation
All of these features can make it difficult to maintain consistent temperatures in your home. But with a zone control HVAC system in Kuna, Eagle, ID, you can overcome any issues that you may be facing.

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