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Common AC Purchasing Mistakes to Avoid

August 17, 2020
A dollar bill crumpled up in a line with pieces of crumpled trash | Common AC Purchasing Mistakes to Avoid | Meridian, ID

When it’s time to invest in a major home appliance like an air conditioner (AC), you want to be well informed. The good news is technology has made it easy to gather a great deal of information in a short period of time. The bad news is there are so many makes and models of air conditioners available, the entire process can get quickly overwhelming.

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Why Is My AC Blowing Hot Air?

July 20, 2020
ac unit blowing hot air, a pair of adult male hands feeling the flow of air coming out of air vent

It’s the first really hot day of summer in Nampa when the floor fans and the open windows just don’t cut it anymore. You head over to your thermostat and select “air conditioner” and wait for that refreshing icy air to start blowing out of your vents. When you check a few minutes later, you feel only hot air. Why?

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How Can I Afford a New AC System (and Other HVAC Equipment)?

June 12, 2020
Couple Looking Over Bills

Need a new air conditioning system? Our team wants to help with your financing options by going over rates and low monthly payment options.

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Video: The Importance of Air Conditioner Maintenance

May 30, 2020
V-AC_008-AC-Maintenance copy.

The best time of year to have your AC serviced is spring, no matter where you live. Call 208.321.8663 to make your appointment to have one of our skilled and knowledgeable technicians come out to your home to maintain your unit. It’s best to have your investment protected by having it cleaned and inspected. In…

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3 Telltale Signs It’s Time for a New AC

May 14, 2020
Air Conditioning Equipment outside of an older home. Air Conditioning Equipment outside of an older home. 3 Telltale Signs It’s Time for a New AC

Should you repair or replace? That’s always the big question when it comes to major home systems like air conditioning (AC). Repairs are easier on the pocketbook in the short run, but too many of them can add up. Deciding on the ideal time to replace your air conditioning system in Kuna can be a…

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Why Do I Need AC Maintenance Now?

April 14, 2020
Male technician servicing air-conditioning system. Why Do I Need AC Maintenance Now?

An air conditioner (AC), just like a car, needs regular maintenance and service to run efficiently. At Ultimate Heating & Air, we recommend getting your air conditioning unit serviced and cleaned at least once a year. The optimum time is in the spring to ensure your system will run with the most efficiency during the…

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