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More precise filtration

Every HVAC system comes equipped with an air filter: a screen that strains out dust and dirt as the fan motors blow heated or cooled air through your system. They do the job, but they need to be changed regularly, and they still leave room for small particles to slip through. Households throughout Boise, ID, Kuna, ID, Meridian, ID & Nampa, ID with sensitive family members – newborns, the elderly, or those suffering from conditions such as asthma – would do well to add an extra layer of protection.

An air purifier or air filtration system installed by the professionals at Ultimate Heating & Air can be just the thing. It allows more precise filtration of dust and dirt, and UV models can screen your air clean of germs and biological contaminants as well. As Idaho’s zoning and comfort specialists we’d love to go over your options with you. Contact our team today!

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