Programmable WiFi Thermostats

With HVAC and thermostat technology progressing so quickly, any home or business can save more money on monthly heating and cooling costs by using one of the many options available for programmable thermostats. At Ultimate Heating and Air Conditioning, we are helping our Boise area residential and commercial customers to make the leap into modern programmable thermostats and HVAC controls. These controls are affordable, easy to install, easy to program and easy to operate for the entire family.

Bryant HVAC Housewise Programmable Digital Thermostat

bryant housewise wi-fi thermostatIntroducing the latest in programmable digital WiFi thermostat technology from Bryant HVAC manufacturers: The Bryant Housewise. This sleek digital thermostat has all of the sought-after features that residential and commercial HVAC customers are looking for in a digital thermostat including the ability to operate the heating and cooling systems in your home or business from your smart phone or tablet device, WiFi capabilities, and easy to program energy saving features. Not only will this device make programming your home heating and cooling system easy for everyone in the home or office, but will save you money on monthly heating and cooling costs with its energy saving features.

Features of the Bryant Housewise Programmable Digital Thermostat include:

  • Full Fan Optimization
  • Window Protect and Humidifier Options
  • Heating and Cooling Smart Setback Functions
  • WiFi Accessible
  • The Ability to be Controlled via Computer, Smartphone, Tablet or Other Devices
  • Energy reports
  • Customized Savings Tips
  • Local 4-Day weather Forecast
  • And More…

Take advantage on special factory authorized savings on the Bryant Housewise Programmable Digital Thermostat when you purchase and install this smart thermostat from Ultimate Heating and Air Conditioning. Setup is easy and we will walk you through how to program the thermostat and use all of its unique and helpful functions!

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